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About Us

How does the program work?

Students are placed into mentorship teams which consist of first year students (Student Success Team Members) and upper year students (Student Success Team Leaders).  These mentorship teams meet face-to-face biweekly for two hours from September – April to participate in leadership and academic skill development.

What are the goals of the HealthAid Network?

The HealthAid Network aims to build the academic know-how and leadership skills of its class reps and peer mentors while contributing to the academic success of students in core 1000 level classes.

Academic know-how is built though meeting their mentorship teams and discussing issues that they are having in their first year transition.  Through the development of classroom announcements, Student Success Team Members and Leaders work together to identify what resources would help their peers succeed in core 1000 level classes.  Based on the idea of just-in-time information, the critical question of what do our peers need to know right now to help them succeed is addressed along with important dates and ways for students to build a sense of community at York.  Mentorship teams also visit resources on campus to learn more about the services available and to encourage them to get involved.

To develop students’ leadership skills, mentorship teams participate in bi-weekly goal setting exercises to help them set and successfully achieve personal and leadership goals.  Student Success Team Leaders also facilitate leadership workshops for their Student Success Team Members on a monthly basis. Topics include inspiring a shared vision, public speaking, mentorship, ethics and diversity amongst others.

What courses are targeted?

The program is in core 1000 level courses in all four programs within the Faculty of Health including KINE 1000, PSYC 1010, NURS 1900 and 2522 and HLST 1010 and 1011.