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Psychology Team

Alessandro Perri

I am one of the HealthAid Senior Leaders for Psychology. I am entering my second year as a psychology (Hons. BSc.) major at York University and this is my second year with the HealthAid Network. In the very near future, I want to develop the skills and knowledge to become a Medical Doctor in the pediatric field.

Khadija Bint Misbah

I am one of the Senior Leaders for Psychology. One thing I'm really passionate about is music and art ...and of course, Psychology. (It would be amazing to combine these things someday.) I would really like to explore and learn more about Clinical Psychology and eventually becoming a Clinician.


Jana Vigor

I am a SSL for PSYC 1010. I am going into my fifth year of study at York. I would eventually like to work as a psychologist with children who have experienced abuse or trauma.



Banafsheh Hosseini

I am very excited to take on the role of an SSL member for PSYC1010. Currently, I am a 4th year psychology major. In the future, I plan to extend my interest in children’s health by pursuing a career in pediatric neurology.



Meghan Rego

I am a SSL for Psych 1010. I am a psychology major and I am in my second year of study currently. I am really passionate about getting involved and being in charge of your own life. I would like to be a psychologist that specifically works with criminals.


Roman Izquierdo

I am a SSL for Psychology 1010. I am currently in my 4th year of my kinesiology program. Physiotherapy is a career that I will be exploring this summer by volunteering at a clinic.



Isabella Edelshteyn

I am pleased to be the Student Success Team Leader for PSYC 1010 this 2012-2013 academic year! I am currently in my 2nd year of studies at York University in Specialized Honours Kinesiology and Health Science. I chose to major in Kinesiology and Health Science because I am very interested in the study of the human body and all of its various components.

Tiffany Chan

I am a SSL for PSYC 1010.  I am currently in my 2nd year studying towards an honors degree for psychology. A possible career choice that I would like to explore after completing my undergraduate degree is either to further my education in psychology or get into law school.


Arvin Jagayat

I am a Student Success Leader for PSYC 1010. I am a second year student in Honors Psychology BSc. I am looking at pursuing a career in psychology and attending graduate school.



Shaheem Abid

I am a Student Success Team Leader for PSYC 1010. I am currently studying to complete my Psychology undergraduate degree. In the future I hope to be able to specialize as a psychiatrist.



Nesatara Downey

I am an SSL for PSYC 1010. I am a Psychology major. I am very passionate about children rights. I would like to explore music or art therapy in the future.



Tanya Sagherian

My name is Tanya Sagherian and I am a Student Success Leader for PSYC 1010. My program, being Psychology, is something that I am extremely passionate about. My career of choice is to practice medicine using my knowledge in my field.


Krzysztof Banel

I am a SSL for the course PSYCH 1010. I am doing a double major in political science and psychology and this is my third undergraduate year. One career option I have in mind is to teach my two most favorite subjects, politics and psychology, at the high school level.


Richa Sharma

I am a Student Success Leader for PSYC1010. I am currently in my 2nd year in the B.Sc Psychology program. One thing that I am passionate about is reading novels full of suspense and thrill! As a result, a career in Forensic Odontology would be really fascinating to explore.


Marina Zekry

I am a Student Success Team Leader for PSYC1010! My program is Psychology and I am in my second year. Mentors have truly made a difference in my life by not only guiding me in my academics, but by giving me the motivation, direction and inspiration to take on new challenges while being confident in my abilities.