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Student Testimonials

General Feedback

“[The HealthAid Network] helps students get involved in school activities by becoming aware of what is going on outside of the classroom.”

 “It gave me a lot of planning, organizational and public speaking skills.”

“It allowed the other team members and me to become more comfortable in our environment and communicate more easily.”

“Meetings were interacting in an open and fun environment.”

 “[It was] an opportunity to translate all that I’ve learned.”

 “As workshops went on, we became friends”

 “The training was informative and engaging.”

Student Success Team Member (SSTM) Responses

“I had a great time and I learned soooooooo much in just one year.” - SSTM in PSYC 1010


Student Success Team Leader (SSL) Responses

"It was such an amazing experience for me and I learned so many valuable skills including how to create and run an effective workshop. Your guidance and support during the year were invaluable and it truly was one of the most memorable experiences of my university career."     - SSL in PSYC 1010

“I wanted to say thanks for the leadership core training last Friday! I had a great day, the sessions were really interesting. I really appreciate your openness and positive attitude! Look forward to the next training.” – SSL in NURS 1900

“I just wanted to e-mail you and thank you for a great year filled with invaluable lessons and experience. Being a peer mentor in the Health Aid Network has really taught me so much about leadership, public speaking and working as a team. Your support and hard work really made me feel comfortable and supported.” - SSL in KINE 1000